Maintenance Services

If you believe in performing regular maintenance of your IT assets such as your servers, workstations and network devices so that potential problems can be detected well before they become serious issues then you have met the perfect team. Proactive care to keep your system up and running cutting long term costs. Agilis maintenance provides a remotely administered preventative maintenance service. This includes an anti-virus service and monitoring program designed specifically for our small business clients. This reduces the chance of data loss and assures the reliability of the most critical information systems. These programs have been developed for cost-effective network management of business-critical, small networks.

We believe in reducing unwanted downtime. By performing regular, routine maintenance such as daily health checks, patch management, software s, backup verifications, and anti-virus checks, and monitoring your systems, we can drastically reduce your company's costly downtime due to IT problems. Our job is to protect your business so you can reach your goals, both now and as you expand. The proactive maintenance we provide can ensure that your IT investments run smoothly, our experienced support staff is here to help you and your employees with any technology-related issues.

Other Operational Services Solutions